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What’s In Store? More Product and Profit.

You’ve had it happen. We all have. A trip to the store is made with the intent to not just buy something, but a specific thing — only to see an empty space on the shelf where the product should be. Or worse, finding out the store never carried the product, to begin with. The right products in the right place, all of the time — that is Premium’s goal.

It’s a frustrating experience for consumers, as well as a sales and profit-draining incident for companies. Fortunately, Total Retail Group can eliminate the struggle for everyone involved, so your product is in front of your customers when they expect it.

Our end-to-end merchandising programs are the end-all-be-all in the industry, the driving force behind hundreds of millions of dollars in extra revenue for extremely profitable companies. And we achieve impressive results by ensuring:

  • Customers — and what will make them pull the purchasing trigger — are placed above everything
  • Products are easily seen and accessible for customer purchase
  • Planograms are adhered to with correct placement
  • Execution of off-shelf, including incremental off-shelf locations
  • Clear and correct pricing

Merchandising success means combining the art of marketing and the science of complex data. We’re well versed in both areas and have the case studies to prove it. From special projects and one-offs to sustained working partnerships, we breathe retail. Everything we handle is done to make your product sell. And by meeting your needs, your customers’ needs will be met as well.

Product Demos

Building Revenue, One Interaction at a Time

You know those demonstrators at grocery stores and beauty/fragrance sections in department stores who appear pained to be there? Completely disengaged from their duties?

If they aren’t excited, how can potential customers expect to be? Simply put: they can’t.

We know product demos are more than handing out samples. It’s about hiring team members who are passionate to learn and represent your products in the best light. It’s about educating, engaging, and ultimately converting.

Total Retail approaches product demos differently.

We don’t simply flood stores and markets with people peddling your products. Far from it. We match the right demonstration specialists in the right stores within the right markets for the right impact.

We pride ourselves on our adaptability and our keen obsession of constantly improving. We judge the success of each demonstration, store by store, to ensure KPIs are met. Our voluminous catalog of specialists means that we will have someone highly trained for your brand and product readily available for energized, engaged demonstrations with each and every interaction.

When the process is over, we report crucial sales numbers and other important takeaways so we can continually refine our approach for measurable, incremental success.

Whether it’s part of an overarching campaign initiative or a matter of simple brand exposure, Total Retail will demonstrate unparalleled product demo results.

Retail Associate Training

A Battalion of Brand Advocates In-Waiting

You’ve engineered a difference-making product and have quantities ready to fly off the shelf. You believe in what you’ve created. But, what about the associates who — by default — will be representing all of your hard work in-store? The adage “People make the difference” is especially true when it comes to helping our clients maximize their full potential.

Premium makes believers out of retail associates with a precise mix of education and empowerment. After all, if they don’t believe in what they’re selling, why would a potential customer? We turn associates into experts about your brand and benefits. The captive audience becomes captivated — and ultimately — a powerful selling force for your company.

Our systematic training methodologies and tools consist of:

  • Brand-centric training guides
  • Brand expert instruction and training by W-2 employees, not contractors
  • In-store mentoring
  • Recurring communication and open forum discussion to further propel sales
  • Interactive content and mobile training apps
  • Customized training videos highlighting critical product features

Some people are natural born sellers, love the thrill of making a sale, and are motivated by commission or the power of persuasion. Our field leadership knows the difference and how to encourage each individual’s success.

Let’s start building your brand’s army.

Assisted Selling

Being a Know It All Show-Off Isn’t Always Bad

Especially when it comes to selling product. In fact, it can be the difference between a sale happening in-store, on-the-spot, or online at a later time — if at all.

An Assisted Sales team provides a dedicated team to the manufacturer — trained experts in its products — constantly interacting with Retail Sales Associates, Store Management, and shoppers. Assisted selling is a delicate, fine art and one of the major benefits of our Retail Associate Training. With in-depth product knowledge and confidence in what is being sold, associates are able to anticipate what a customer needs more so than what they want. And that empathy and understanding is key in not only guiding consumers along the right path but also instills a favorable impression for repeat revenue down the road.

Imagine going into a store and not being sold something, but being informed about something. Not only are you going to be more open-minded about what’s being said, but you’re also going to be receptive to recommendations. That’s the beauty of assisted selling. And we’re incredibly proficient in putting our extensive years in the retail world to work for your products. Our assisted selling program is like having all the information about a product online in human form. Simply put, there’s no substitute for real-life interactions.

Additionally, an Assisted Sales team is your link to the retailer’s field teams. At many retailers, this represents an untapped reservoir of sales. Many retailers allow the field to launch incremental promotions triggering incremental buys. Working with the retailer’s field teams, our Assisted Sales representatives often can secure incremental floor space and secondary locations — driving incremental sales.

Total Retail's experts engage customers by:
  • Understanding their unique needs, spending thresholds, and lifestyles
  • Demonstrating deep, practical knowledge of the product and its features
  • Recommending the most suitable option
  • Answering product questions
  • Overcoming objections
  • Suggesting relevant product add-ons or upgrades

Our assisted selling experts aren’t contractors. They’re W-2 Total Retail employees who will make a real difference at the point of purchase.

The bottom line: our assisted selling program gives you a better bottom line.

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