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What does your consumer actually look like?

Knowing your customer and understanding market dynamics are essential to formulating a winning retail strategy. The assortment that a manufacturer offers to retailers should take into account consumer preferences and behaviors as well as opportunities within that retailer’s full product offering. These opportunities may be driven by competitive insights from other retailers’ assortments, price or feature gaps within a retailer’s line structure, and the need to sell or replace SKUs to target a certain quality, price, or customer and to execute or modify a brand strategy. Then once you have incorporated consumer and market data into your assortment and pricing strategy, a manufacturer should gain insights into retail execution and how that execution is impacting sales of their products.

Total Retail summarizes our Retail Insights offering into the following areas:
Consumer and Shopper Insights, Market Dynamics, and Retail Insights.


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  • “The market research from Premium was absolutely essential to our successful launch at retail. Not only did it help us refine our approach to the market including pricing and packaging, the data was critical in convincing the merchant to move forward.”

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